Although my first series officially working for QI was the Q series, it was in the R series I had the most fun. Not only did I get to write a script (RAnimals) but I was also put to the task of creating a set of QI Matryoshka Dolls for the “Roaming” episode.

The props team ordered me a blank set and some paint. I was told who the guests were and I came in early on the day to get them done. Some genius (me) decided the dolls would be better and more recognisable if their clothes matched what the guests were wearing on set… I feel very sorry for the very patient wardrobe staff member who let me see Alan and Sandi’s shirts in advance, and let me be present for the light check on the other guests.

It was all a bit frantic and last minute, but it was done. We even had time to make a wig for Alan. My heartfelt thanks go to the Production Team member who painstakingly sewed sections of hair onto half a sock as I painted.

It was a fun day in the office, and I hope there will be the chance for more prop shenanigans in the S Series.