Everyday as in… ordinary rather than every day.

Though I would quite like to do it every day.

Actually that’s not quite true. I would like to HAVE DONE it everyday. I would like to look back with pride on past Emily and praise her for her dedication and keen eye. What I don’t actually want to do is make a chore out of a fun, mindful passtime.

So for now, whenever is good.


This kind of activity is much valued in the new craze of mindfulness, and perhaps that is why it seems to work, but it was an activity I came up with some years ago during my Masters Degree.

It was a nice way to distract my brain from the buzzing of deadlines, or research concerns. When your outlet is creativity, a hobby based in being productive, it’s easy to overly exert yourself even in you ‘off’ hours.

That was why I took to this passtime. Being based in bright colours it satisfies my creative drives and is also inherently joyful, but being based purely in observation and taking photos it doesn’t require the full mental capacity that sketching or drawing does.

I love playing a little with the saturation and contrast to really emphasise the colours, and you can see some of my past collections on Instagram under the hashtag #DailyRainbowProject

It is related to other themes I enjoy. Things like little joys, small everyday comforts, the beauty in normal things. It’s an activity of noticing, of looking up, and is something you can do in a ten minute jaunt round the block. It anchors me in my wanderings and I highly recommend it.