Emily is an artist and illustrator working primarily with digital & traditional line-art. She is the in-house illustrator for Quite Interesting Ltd and has created work for both their online and physical publications. She’s also a QI Elf, and in that capacity has deep dived into the world around us to wrangle the quite interesting out from among considerably boring.

She is the illustrator for “Funny You Should Ask: Your Questions Answered by the QI Elves” (Out October 15th 2020), the Museum of Curiosity Twitter account (@MuseumofCurios), and a plethora of her own ongoing projects which she would rather you did not ask about, they are going just fine thanks…

Follow her on Instagram or Twitter for regular updates, and get in touch via the Contact Page for enquiries, commissions and heartfelt compliments.

 (Photo Credit: Matt Crockett © QI Ltd)